The Ascended Masters – The VIPs of Your Spirit Team


I remember when I was starting out as a medium and realized that the Souls of the departed were not the only members of my “Spirit Team.” I became aware of the Spirit Guides and Angels, along with another group of highly evolved, divine beings – the Ascended Masters.

Ascended Masters exist at the pinnacle of the spiritual hierarchy, as the highest evolved Beings. When you see their names, you’ll know exactly what I mean!  


Who Are the Ascended Masters?


The term Ascended Masters may sound very mystical and mysterious, but in simple terms, they are teachers who once lived on Earth, just like us. However, unlike the average person, they reached such a high state of spiritual enlightenment on Earth, that when they ascended to Heaven they attained a special place, and were in a unique position to help and enlighten others.

Some of the most well-known Ascended Masters include Jesus, Buddha, and Saint Germain, but there are many others, like the Virgin Mary, Merlin the Magician, Moses the Prophet, Saint Francis of Assisi, St. Therese, the little flower of Jesus, Diana goddess of the hunt, and many more, each with their unique expertise and guidance. 


How Does Someone Reach This Level of Spirituality? 


Each Ascended Master has had a unique opportunity to learn and evolve during their lifetime, and has undergone a series of spiritual transformations while they’re alive. By facing unique challenges and adversity with grace and using their will and faith to overcome negative emotions like fear, anger, and self-doubt, they achieve what is called “self-mastery.”

Then, after enduring what is often an extraordinarily difficult existence on Earth,  they ascend to the spiritual plane to become an Ascended Master. 


The Ascended Masters are Never Too Busy to Help You


You might think, “Ascended Masters are way out of my league! Why would they ever help me?” But remember, Jesus is one of the most well known among their ranks, and he is called upon by countless people every day. And he’s not alone in that. 


Ascended Masters can provide guidance and inspiration in specific areas of your life, and act as mentors on your spiritual journey. In times of sadness, fear, or confusion, they can provide clarity and comfort, helping you successfully navigate through life’s challenges. 


When you’re seeking spiritual growth and understanding, or if circumstances cause you to lose your faith in a higher source, these special Souls will be there for you. 

In matters of health and well-being, they can channel healing energies and provide support on your journey to physical and emotional wellness. 


Reaching Out for Help and Guidance 


When you need help from the highest possible source, don’t be shy. Call upon them, and ask them to shine their divine light on you! Here are some steps to help you establish a connection:

  • Meditation: As if there weren’t already enough reasons to meditate, doing so regularly will help you tap into the energy of the Ascended Masters. Just take a few minutes to quiet your mind, focus on your breath, and invite their presence into your awareness.
  • Prayer: Prayer is a powerful tool for seeking guidance and protection. All you have to do is express your intentions and ask for the assistance of the Ascended Masters.
  • Trust Your Intuition: Here’s another reason to listen to your intuition! Sometimes, guidance from the Ascended Masters comes as a subtle feeling or a strong gut instinct.
  • Gratitude: Be grateful for the good things in your life. Gratitude acts as a magnet to draw positive things to you, and that includes assistance from the Ascended Masters! 


Inspiration to Shoot for the Stars


For me, learning about the Ascended Masters and feeling a connection to them is a blessing. I look to them for guidance and inspiration in my work and personal life, but that’s not all! Understanding the struggles they faced in life, and seeing how they committed themselves to the greater good strengthens my own commitment to fulfill my destiny as a spiritual medium, to help people heal, spread the message of life after death, and overall, to live my best possible life. 


Connecting with the Spirit World


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