Touching The Spirit World: Beyond the Psychic Veil


Are you wishing you could have a conversation, maybe even wrap up some unfinished business with a loved one who has passed over? Have you ever wondered if there’s an optimum time to connect with souls in Heaven? Let’s talk about that!


Recently, I was asked to appear on the TV show Good Day Sacramento. One of the very first questions they asked was what is the Psychic Veil and is it true that the veil is thinner around Halloween?


First, let’s talk about the veil itself. It sounds pretty mystical, but it’s just an invisible separation, like a membrane, between our world and the spirit world. The spirit world exists all around us, but it is not always easy to see or feel. That’s why people often look for ways to open the door so they can feel close to the people they’ve been missing.


Opening the Door to the Spirit Realm


Halloween is over, and the veil IS often thinner during this time, but the reason isn’t the least bit scary, and it has nothing to do with Halloween or hauntings or ghosts.


Holidays or seasons don’t “thin the veil,” we humans control that through our intentions and awareness. The more that we talk about the spirit world and seek out the souls who live there, the closer we bring ourselves to making contact, and the more permeable the veil between the two worlds becomes.


So why do people think the veil is extra thin now? Special times like Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, weddings – anytime you are likely to think of loved ones who have passed – draws souls closer. The holidays are all about love and family and giving, and even though they might not be there in body, they still want to be part of that.


When Loved Ones in Heaven Are Close Enough to Touch


Your loved ones in heaven are always around, but they’re waiting for YOU to invite them to come closer with your thoughts. Every single time you think about your loved ones, you send a signal to them in spirit (kind of like Batman shining his spotlight in the sky). It’s not a one-way street, either. Souls in Heaven want to let you know they are around, and because they are pure energy, they will reach out and communicate with you differently than they did when they were alive. They most often will try to get your attention through SIGNS or visit you in your dreams.

Because spirits are energy, you might actually see your loved one appear in a photo or a video as an orb. Spirit orbs are usually white or yellow and often have an aura around them. This makes them stand out from other types of light orbs that may be present in the picture as well. Although they are unseen with the names eye, they can be seen after a photo has been taken when a loved one in spirit is near.

This is because the orbs are not actually your loved ones, it is just a reflection of their energy that the camera captures when they are nearby.


Simple Ways to Cross The Veil During the Holidays, or Any Day


There are many ways to include loved ones in Heaven in your holiday plans. Here are a few you can try:


  • Talk about them, and share happy, funny, loving memories.


  • Make them part of family gatherings by making their favorite recipe, displaying a photo of them, even setting a place for them at the table.


  • Write them a letter, then release it and keep your eyes, ears, and heart open for a sign from them, letting you know they received your message.


  • Keep a dream journal, and before you go to bed, set your intention to dream about your dearly departed. Then as soon as you wake up, write down everything you remember about your dream encounter.


The holidays are a natural time to feel the presence of spirits, but know that any time you’re thinking about them, they will be there. And the more people who are thinking about them, the more powerful the pull is.

For example, many people tell me that when they attend a live group reading either in person or online, they start to feel those in spirit with them as I start too channel and deliver messages, even if its not their loved one that’s coming through.

The reason being is that when you are present during a reading, and messages are being delivered, you can also feel the presence of that soul. Some people get the chills, some get emotional and others feel a sense of peace knowing they are there. That’s what makes it a group experience.

If you would like to attend a group reading event either online or in-person, Click Here. You’ll see for yourself the powerful energy we create together when we reach through the veil with our thoughts, and connect with loved ones in Heaven.

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