When The Message You Need Doesn’t Come Through

Recently, Alexa and I went out with some old friends, and a young woman showed up who I’d never met before. She was holding tightly to a framed photograph of a middle aged woman, and I knew it was no coincidence that she had joined us for dinner.


We chatted for a moment, but when she told me her situation, I was a little concerned. The woman was desperate to hear from her mother. “I can’t believe I’m sitting here with you!” She explained that our mutual acquaintance mentioned that she’d be seeing us, and she had wrangled an invitation to come along.


 “I’m pretty sure my mom made all this happen because she has something to tell me.”


I was planning to enjoy a quiet evening with friends, but her face was so hopeful that I had to ask, “When did your mother pass over?


“Just a couple of days ago. The funeral is this weekend.”


“Ohhh,” I thought to myself. I realized why I didn’t sense the presence of a soul around her, despite the photograph and her obvious eagerness to connect.


Why You’re Not Getting a Message (especially from someone who has recently passed).


When a person dies, especially when their passing is sudden, their loved ones are often absolutely desperate to connect with them. There might be questions about the circumstances of the passing, words left unsaid, and all kinds of unfinished business. But despite their eagerness for a message, there are two reasons why loved ones are often left disappointed.


They’re Trying Too Hard


First of all, Souls in Heaven are drawn in when people are in a positive space where they can open up and allow the Soul to make its presence known. The bereaved person might be having a private reading or attending an event, or simply searching for a sign or signal from their dearly departed.


Either way, when someone is trying to push and force a message from Heaven, it can have the opposite effect. When you’ve just lost someone and your grief is fresh, you might want a message so bad that you actually block it from coming through.


What can you do? Well, anytime you want to feel the presence of a loved one in Heaven, repeat this phrase to yourself. “Breathe, relax, and allow Spirit to come through.” Allowing, rather than forcing and controlling, is the key to connecting with someone who has passed over.


They’re Getting Used to Their New “Life”


But that’s just one explanation for why you might not hear from a Soul who has just passed. The biggest reason that recently departed souls don’t communicate is that they are busy!


 It’s kind of like when your teenager leaves for college. Even though you miss them and are eager for an update, you might get a call or text for a couple of days, even weeks, because they’re so busy getting settled in.


 They’re adjusting to their new environment, meeting new people, and figuring things out. Once they’re comfortable, they’ll probably get into a routine of reaching out and letting you know how things are going.


In the same way, souls who have just arrived in Heaven are acclimating to their new world and their existence as a celestial being. They’re going through their life review, determining their purpose, and mapping out the next steps on their Soul’s journey. Not to mention, they’re learning new ways to communicate, and reconnecting with friends and family in Heaven.


It often takes four or five months for a newly transitioned soul to send a sign or a message to their loved ones. That doesn’t mean they’re not around you before that, many times they are quietly present at their own funerals, and sometimes they will send a message earlier – but it’s rare. Those few months might seem like an eternity, but if you’re patient and create a receptive, joyful environment, they will show up.


Set the Stage for a Spirit Connection


My advice for people, like the woman who wanted so badly to talk to her mother, is to create an environment where connection can easily occur. Keep the person in your heart by displaying a favorite photo, cooking their favorite meal, or sharing stories of happy times together.


 Include them in your prayers, and have dialogues with them in your mind as you go about your day. If you do that from the time they pass, you’ll not only feel closer to them, but you will create a space where they can come through – either through a reading with a medium, or with a sign or signal.


Recognizing Signs From Heaven


Souls love to send signs to the people they left behind, and receiving one can be so healing! Often people question if a sign is real, or just wishful thinking. If you’re not sure if you would like to learn how spirits communication works, or if you want to invite more messages from Heaven, try attending an Online Group Reading or LIVE In-Person Event.


It will help you feel closer to the loved one you’re missing, and give you the confidence to know that what you are experiencing isn’t a coincidence – but a true Spirit connection!


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