Spirit Communication: Understanding the Unspoken Words of Departed Loved Ones

The Language of Heaven:  How Souls Communicate 


Just like when we arrive in this world as infants and gradually learn how to walk, talk, and communicate, something similar happens when we transition to Heaven. Since we are no longer physical beings in the afterlife, we have to learn new ways to navigate and function in our Spirit bodies. 


As we adapt to a divine way of being, we master new techniques for communicating with the people we left behind. Fortunately, in our new form – pure energy – there are lots of ways to “talk” to the living.  


It helps that after they leave their physical bodies behind, Souls are no longer confined by the limitations of human language. This is why mediums who only speak English, like me, can understand and relay  messages from your departed loved ones, even if that person never spoke a single word of English during their time on Earth.


How Spirits Speak to Us


Humans primarily communicate through words, both spoken and written. However, Souls in Heaven communicate in a different way. They can still get their message across through a medium, and if you’re sensitive and tuned into your intuition, they can transmit directly to you. 


They utilize a diverse range of methods to help and guide us, and can even provide a window into their existence, surroundings,  and experiences on the Other Side. 


Here are some of the ways Souls “talk” to the living:


  • Showing us Pictures: Spirits often communicate through images, which is why mediums can often provide detailed impressions of the Souls appearance and surroundings. It’s also through these images that we gain glimpses of what Heaven might be like.


  • Shared Memories: Souls love to bring up memories of the time spent with you when they were alive. Through these recollections, they demonstrate their eternal presence and connection to your life.


  • Thoughts Translated into Words: Mediums can translate the thoughts of spirits into words. However, these messages often come through at a higher frequency, sometimes appearing fast and garbled. Sensitives may also pick up on the energy of spirits, and catch words or phrases.


  • Signs and Symbols: When all else fails, spirits send us signs. These signs can be deeply personal and go beyond the traditional symbols like birds, butterflies, dragonflies, or coins. A Soul might reach out through a scent, a meaningful song on the radio, or even a billboard glimpsed at the perfect time!  


How You Can Reach Out to Souls in Heaven


You don’t need to learn how to “speak ghost,” possess psychic abilities, or be a medium to communicate with your departed loved ones in heaven. Here are some ways you can establish a connection:


  • Telepathic Communication: Simply think about them, and they will be there. Your thoughts are a powerful link to the spirit world, and the more you imagine your loved one or talk to them telepathically, the closer you’ll feel to them. And that’s not just your imagination or wishful thinking! Your thoughts and intentions act like a magnet, drawing your loved ones closer. 


  • Revisiting Memories: You can feel closer to that Soul you’ve been missing by engaging in activities or visiting places they loved. Playing their favorite music, looking at photos, or preparing their favorite meal can evoke their presence.


  • Journaling: If thinking isn’t giving you the feeling of connection you’re looking for, keeping a journal dedicated to your departed loved one can help you stay focused and open the door to communication. Write a question, or explain a problem you’re struggling with, and you might even get an answer as Spirit guides your hand and enters your thoughts.


Even though you leave your physical body, and everything that goes with it, behind when you die, the language of Spirit goes beyond spoken and written words. Their communication is like a collage of images, memories, thoughts, and personal signs.

While mediums can assist in translating their messages, anyone can receive and send messages to their departed loved ones if they’re open and receptive. If you need some help opening up, I recommend attending a mediumship event either Online or In-Person . It will clear any doubts you might be holding on to about the presence of Spirit in your life, and send a message to your friends and family in Heaven that you’re listening! 

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